taoray taoray,It breaks the conventional rules, vague gender boundaries, across age borders, Casual 、Sporty yet modern images in front of public eyes . In order to express the funkiness

of Sports fashion theme, Taoray Taoray team have recorded this photo shooting session with series of images.

Makeup artist makeup for models

In the mean time on prepping models for makeup, taoray taoray designer Wang Tao briefs models on photo shooting details. While other cream team is busy with ironing clothes and preparing the photo shooting set.

In the photo shooting session, we put on relaxing music and let model goes with free style, they can be even eats, dances and do some stretching.

In the playful shooting session, our male model is casually showing his well-built abdominal muscles.

Female model sat on the sofa chair expressing and unleashing her playfulness and free spirits. Amazing how one can be fascinated by music and the magic of the outfit, and let go of one’s true self.

taoray taoray is product of the chemical reactions produces by these playful events, it set the trend, shape the personality, as what you will be seen in every youngster , or it is you.