taoray taoray X ECCO


Shanghai 29th March 2018

Shanghai 29th March 2018 “Mixing the energy of the Streets of New York with Scandinavian Serenity: taoray taorayxECCO launches at 2018 China International Fashion Week”

On 29th March 2018, taoray taoray, the extended brand of designer-luxury TAORAY WANG and ECCO, a global leader in innovative comfort footwear and leather brand from Nordic Denmark debuted together at 2018 China International Fashion Week.

Taoray taoray is a boundary defying Athleisure brand representing the young spirit of the house. It is designed for the liberal, trendy, sporty and the metropolitan. Taoray taoray targets the urbanists who are confident to project an image that crosses the boundaries of age, gender and lifestyle. Transcending trends, this is a brand for customers who realise they are one in seven billion.

Taoray taoray latest çollection channels the rebellious spirit of the house through the freedom of forest inhabitants. In wildlife, beauty is organic and raw. Never premeditated or artificially altered. The collection is elevated with an embroidery signature capturing fearless lions as totems and guardian spirits. This wild-life inspired collection is in perfect harmony with ECCO’s ecological values and care for the environment.

The fusion between taoray taoray and ECCO presents a exciting collision between the bustling streets of New York, where the brand was inaugurated September 2017, and the minimalistic and highly functional Nordic ECCO.

Transcending across trends, taoray taoray is a brand for customers who realise they are one in seven billion.

taoray taoray X ECCO Special Edition

Inspired by Denim Blue Jeans, the ECCO INDIGO Jeans Blue Leather was fused into taoray taoray edgy urban design to redefine street luxury with a different look, truly reflecting the energy and adaptability of both brands.
ECCO’s brand ambassador, Zhu Yawen, applauded the capsule collection as it captures the confidence and aura across genders.

“We are thrilled to cooperate with ECCO on this collection," said Wang Tao, Founder, CEO and Chief Designer for TAORAY WANG and taoray taoray.

“Both taoray taoray and ECCO have many values in common including freedom and innovation. Both our brands are focussed on giving customers the best by painlessly testing and innovating leather and fabric to create high quality and durability while projecting an edgy and modern look. We hope our customers enjoy the result of this collaboration as we have in creating it.”